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Scratch: Create Your Own Story and Game

This course teaches kids the fundamentals of programming, animation, and object-oriented programming, through a software called Scratch program. This course is a springboard to various other TBC4K courses such as Robotics and ALICE 3D Animation. The course discusses tips and tricks on programming while allowing the kids to appreciate the possibilities in store in developing programs in the future. Scratch also allows them to have fun while giving them the power to implement their imagination through creating their own program/s. This course is ideal for kids who plan to take the Robotics 1 course. Recommended for: Kids: 6 to 10 years old. Knows how to read. Likes to play games. Has passion for learning.<

Digital Visual Arts

This course teaches how to use GIMP, the frequently used image manipulation software which is free and is used to edit images, draw, paint and a whole lot more! It also introduces Inkscape, the widely used vector imaging freeware program to produce vector art used in different fields such as cartoons and animation, poster design, and more. 2D Digital Arts helps students understand different graphic development principles and apply various techniques to create their OWN images. Recommended for: Kids: 7 to 10 years old. Knows how to read. Has basic knowledge on how to use a computer. Has passion for learning.

The Art of Making Robots (Robotics)

This course teaches teens how to build their own robot from scratch. It involves programming and hands-on exercises leading to create a robot. Robotics 1 discusses the concept of robotics from design, programming, building the chassis, and adding intelligence to the machine. This course encourages imagination and creativity while empowering them to execute what they imagine. Robotics 2 also strengthens the value of independence as they create their robots on their own with supervision from their teacher. It is recommended (though not required) that the students take ALICE 3D Animation and Programming first prior to taking this course. Recommended for: Teens: 11 to 18 years old. Has passion for learning.

A Taste of Raspberry Pi (Advanced Programming)

This course enhances learning thru engaging and fun activities in computer science, electronics engineering, game development, web development and networking. Raspberry Pi is a credit card-size compute module that allows Computer Geeks to customize their own platform for practical applications of an actual Computer. A Taste of Raspberry Pi will expose them to endless possibilities of applications that will allow them to imagine solutions to real life problems and implement it in such an embedded device. Recommended for: Teens: 11 years old onwards. Knows how to read. Preferably has taken Scratch.


Let your child's imagination run wild with TBC4K.

Organized by the UP System Information Technology Foundation, in collaboration with the UP Information Technology Development Center (UP ITDC), the Tech Boot Camp aims to introduce students to a wide array of IT courses especially designed for kids and teens. Courses offered include Robotics, Programming, Digital Arts, Blogging, and many more. Classes involve a lot of hands-on activities to promote learning and allow students, young as they are, to have a feel of how it is to be in the field of IT. Join us and experience learning new stuff the fun and exciting way only here at TBC4K!

Our Teachers

Fully equipped with skills and heart for children, our teachers will bring out the best in your kids!
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Teacher Joper Cunanan

Resident Graphics Expert and Content Development Extraordinaire<
Teacher Joper is a box of creative fireworks. He’s a Graphics and Content Development specializing in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator among other graphics applications adept at. He graduated with a degree in Fine Arts major in Visual Communications at the University of the Philippines-Diliman.
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Teacher Noel Feria

Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Trainer, Runner
Teacher Noel is an optimist, coffee lover, and a game researcher. He works as a Supervising Course Development Officer and Trainer at UP ITDC, a faculty member of the UP College of Education; EdTech Area and an events organizer for Y4iT.
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Teacher Gabriel Villorente

All Around Developer and Embedded Systems Genius
Teacher Gabo handles UPITDC’s Mobile Applications Program and has an MS degree in Electronic Engineering with focus on Microelectronics. He is an expert in both Windows and Linux applications with mastery in various programming languages.

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